Victory! Canada Goose Goes Fur-Free

Victory! Canada Goose Goes Fur-Free »

In a stunning victory for animals, luxury outerwear company Canada Goose just announced that it plans to go entirely fur-free by the end of 2022. This is a huge blow to the dwindling fur industry, and more proof that there…

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City of Toronto Animal By-law Amendment

City of Toronto Animal By-law Amendment »

When the City of Toronto decided to amend Chapter 349 of the Toronto Municipal Code (Animal By-law), Animal Justice Canada (Animal Justice), in collaboration with other community organizations, provided members of City Council with information to help Toronto become a…

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Ending Air Canada Monkey Transport

Ending Air Canada Monkey Transport »

When Air Canada was unaware of their legal authority to stop shipping non-human primates destined for research and experimentation, Animal Justice Canada provided Air Canada with a legal analysis outlining how Air Canada could cease shipping animals for research and experimentation…

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Ontario Municipal Shark Fin Bans

Ontario Municipal Shark Fin Bans »

When confusion over municipal jurisdiction threatened to thwart attempts to ban shark fins, members of Animal Justice Canada (Animal Justice) provided a legal opinion, advised members of City Council and presented at Committee, educating Councillors that the proposed bylaws were…

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Saving Rainbow & Ending Euthanasia

Saving Rainbow & Ending Euthanasia »

A student at the Ontario Veterinary College contacted Animal Justice Canada when informed that she would not be permitted to graduate and become an Ontario veterinarian unless she killed a healthy dog after a routine spaying. The school reversed its…

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OSPCA Mass Euthanasia Stopped

OSPCA Mass Euthanasia Stopped »

When the Newmarket OSPCA announced that it would mass euthanize 350 animals due to a treatable ringworm outbreak, Animal Justice Canada joined community efforts that forced the OSPCA to reverse its decision, saving dozens of lives. Working with concerned citizens,…

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