About the Animal Justice Student Program

The Animal Justice Student Program helps foster the next generation of animal lawyers. We give students opportunities to get active while still in law school, and ensure they learn skills that will help them become the leaders of tomorrow in the growing field of animal law.

Animal law has exploded in Canada in recent years. A decade ago, only a handful of animal law classes were offered in Canadian law schools. Today, at least 13 law schools now count animal law among their regular course offerings, and more students than ever before are active in the field and seeking to raise the profile of animal law on campuses across Canada.

A typical academic year quickly begins with the annual Canadian Animal Law Conference, which features a day-long Student Conference. Throughout the school year, the Student Program offers funding opportunities for student-led projects and events, and we keep students up-to-date with law resources, guest speakers, and volunteer opportunities. Animal Justice also hosts nation-wide student meetings throughout the year to facilitate club collaboration and student support. Toward the end of the academic year, Animal Justice holds a student essay contest, with the winner announced at the next Student Conference.

How do I get started?

First, check our clubs directory to see if there’s an active Animal Justice club at your law school. If there is, join it and get involved.

If your law school doesn’t have an active club, download our Student Program Guide to learn how to start one. Then, fill out a club application form to affiliate with Animal Justice and access funding and resources.

We’re here to help, and you can contact us for support at [email protected].