Victory! Cruel Pig & Calf Scrambles Cancelled at Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

Exciting news! The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair cancelled its cruel pig and calf “scrambles” just days before they were set to take place, after Animal Justice and the Winnipeg Humane Society, with the support of the Brandon Humane Society, voiced opposition to these cruel events, and hundreds of concerned citizens told the Fair to stop the scrambles. Animal Justice lawyers also asked local law enforcement to stop the events, which are likely illegal animal cruelty.

Pig scrambles, also known as “pig wrestling”, generally involves children chasing and tackling terrified pigs for entertainment. In calf scrambles, teenagers run after baby cows and roughly grab them by their body parts as they fight to remove the animals’ halters.

Under provincial and federal laws, it’s illegal to inflict suffering and distress onto animals, and this includes abusive pig and calf scramble events.

Animal scramble events are prohibited in some jurisdictions due to suffering they cause to animals, and many have been cancelled by fairs across Canada. In 2017, Animal Justice and our supporters helped cancel a pig scramble in PEI that we believe violated animal protection laws.

Animal Justice is thrilled that the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair organizers listened to the concerns of animal protection organizations and the community, and congratulates animal advocates who spoke up for pigs and calves and helped win this amazing victory.

Animal Justice is now calling on the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair to permanently cancel its annual pig and calf scrambles for future fairs, just as fairs across Canada have done.

Please join us as we continue pushing for stronger laws to protect animals across Canada from cruelty and abuse.