Canadians Care About Animals – Our Laws Should Catch Up

A new survey has found that Canadians are overwhelmingly passionate about protecting animals from cruelty:

• 81% of us are opposed to trophy hunting
• 79% are against killing animals for their fur
• 61% don’t support the abuse of animals in rodeos
• 53% of Canadians don’t support keeping animals in zoos and aquariums

The Research Co. poll also found an increasing trend of Canadians who oppose eating animals.

The results are good news, but highlight the disconnect between public opinion and where Canada stands with legislation. Canada’s animal protection laws are some of the worst in the developed world—in most parts of the country, practices that Canadians oppose are still legal. Animal Justice lawyers are working tirelessly to modernize our laws and give animals the legal protections they desperately need—and you can help make this dream a reality.

Image shows mink on fur farm with text "79% of Canadians oppose killing animals for fur"

Animal Justice works to end trophy hunting cruelty at home and abroad. By submitting formal comments to provincial proposals and consultations on expanding bear and wolf hunts, Animal Justice lawyers fought to ensure any erosion of animal protections faces strong opposition. And we recently rallied our supporters to provide input on the federal government’s proposal to further restrict the elephant ivory trade in Canada. Sign up to stay up-to-date on opportunities to add your voice.

Animal Justice is working to  pass a national ban on cruel fur farming. In February 2022, Liberal Member of Parliament Nathaniel Erskine-Smith introduced groundbreaking legislation in the House of Commons to outlaw all fur farms in Canada. Bill C-247 offers a glimmer of hope and tremendous opportunity for Canada to end the immense cruelty that fur-bearing animals endure every day in this county. Please take action today by asking your Member of Parliament to support a national ban on fur farms!

Tell Canada to Ban Fur Farms

Under provincial and federal laws, it’s illegal to inflict suffering and distress onto animals, and this applies to animals in rodeos and other similar events. Last month, The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair cancelled its cruel pig and calf “scrambles” just days before they were set to take place, after Animal Justice contacted law enforcement,  and hundreds of concerned citizens told the Fair to stop the scrambles. Animal Justice lawyers also work to oppose cruel rodeo events, like chuckwagon races, at the Calgary Stampede and acorss the country.

The future’s looking brighter for captive animals in zoos and aquariums in Canada. The Jane Goodall Act was just reintroduced in the Canadian Senate, which will greatly restrict the captivity of elephants, great apes, big cats, and many more exotic species. This is a tremendous step forward for exotic animals, who suffer both physically and mentally when they’re forced to live in a cage. Show your support.

Support the Jane Goodall Act

By working to pass strong new animal protection legislation, holding abusive industries accountable, and fighting for animals in court, we can help make Canada a kinder place with laws that better represent how the majority of Canadians feel. Please join us.

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Banner image: @hyneseyes | Unsplash