Gala Protest: Confronting Retail Council of Canada (RCC) & Loblaws Over Failed Cage-Free Commitment

The Retail Council of Canada (RCC) is an industry group representing grocers (Loblaws, Sobeys, Wal-Mart and more). In 2016, RCC made an industry commitment to source eggs from cage-free hens by 2025. However, the RCC recently backtracked on this commitment entirely, stating that they will leave it up to individual companies to implement it. This broken promise led to other companies, like Loblaws, going back on their commitment to going cage-free as well. Loblaws has taken a complete U-turn on the 2025 deadline and has yet to share a new timeline for getting caged eggs out of its supply chain. 

Earlier this week, Animal Justice and our Toronto supporters took this message directly to Loblaws and the RCC at their Excellence in Retailing Awards Gala–asking them to honour their commitment to going cage-free by 2025. We stood in front of the main entrance to the RCC Gala with a massive truck billboard to call Loblaws and the RCC out for their broken promises to go cage-free and urge them to stop selling eggs from hens confined in cages.

Animal Justice and its supporters standing in front of truck billboard protesting RCC and Loblaws to go cage-free.
Animal Justice team asking Loblaws to keep their promise of going cage-free.
Animal Justice supporter confronting RCC to go cage-free by 2025.

Keeping hens confined in cages is not only cruel but unnecessary. Chickens are curious animals that love to dust, bathe, nest, and scratch the ground for food. But trapped in cages, they barely have space to open their wings and can’t enjoy other natural behaviours. Sadly, hens are often crammed together in these cages to maximize profits.

Before leaving the venue, our team and a few supporters placed leaflets on the cars of the people attending the Gala to let them know why the grocery chains need to honour their commitments and stop selling eggs from caged hens. 

Animal Justice team member standing in front of the RCC Gala entrance asking Loblaws to honour their commitment of going cage-free by 2025.
Animal Justice and a few of their supporters placed leaflets on the cars of the RCC Gala attendees.

It is crucial for companies to take responsibility for their actions and provide transparency in their efforts to end this form of animal abuse! Help us end this cruelty and hold corporations accountable by joining our Action Team!