Hens Suffer as Major Brands Wobble on Cage-Free Commitments

The Open Wing Alliance is calling out three global companies for failing to report meaningful progress towards their cage-free egg commitments. 

The Alliance’s Global Manufacturers Sector Cage-free Report highlights how Kellogg’s and Cerealto Siro pledged to ban the use of cruel cages in their supply chains but are now falling behind. Cerealto Siro failed to meet its commitment to be cage-free globally by 2021, and has not provided any updates to consumers. And Kellogg’s has made abysmal progress on its commitment made in 2017, reporting only 0.5% cage-free sourcing.

Hens kept for eggs endure some of the worst suffering in the agriculture industry. They are typically packed into wire cages so small that they can’t move freely or even spread their wings. In the cramped and stressful conditions, hens face fractured or broken bones, deformities, and severe feather loss. 

As hundreds of companies around the world are ditching eggs from caged birds, many of the leading manufacturers, including Kraft-Heinz, McCain, Nestle, General Mills, and Unilever, are consistently reporting meaningful progress on their global cage-free commitments. Other companies have already fulfilled their cage-free commitments. Hens need global brands like Kellogg’s and Cerealto Siro to keep their commitments and not fall behind.  Add your support to the Open Wing Alliance’s campaign by signing the petition. 

Animal Justice has joined the Open Wing Alliance in their ambitious goal of ending the abuse of chickens worldwide. The Alliance supports over 95 member organizations, allowing us to share valuable strategies, tactics, grants and other resources to help protect hens from some of the worst abuses on factory farms, like confinement in tiny cages. 

In Canada, a startling 83% of hens used to lay eggs are still confined to cages. As the country’s largest grocery chain, Loblaws has the power to influence change in the entire industry. After immense public pressure in 2016, the grocery giant promised to only source 100% cage-free eggs by 2025, and boasted about this commitment to shareholders for years. But now, Loblaws is breaking its promise, dropping this deadline, and refusing to share a timeline for ending this horrific suffering of sensitive hens. Please also join us in demanding that Loblaws keeps its promise to go cage-free by 2025.

Banner: Konrad Lozinski