Horses & Compassionate People Speak Out Against Live Export

Today is the National Day to End Horse Exportation, and we brought our message to the Manitoba Legislative Building. More than 100 compassionate people, and even horse ambassadors from local sanctuaries, gathered to demand an end to Canada’s cruel live horse exports.

Image shows horse with demonstrator holding sign calling for a ban on live horse exports.

Thousands of live horses are still being exported from Alberta and Manitoba every year to be slaughtered for food in Japan. Their journey is nothing short of torturous. These gentle giants are forced to endure long flights overseas confined in tiny crates. The entire trip can take more than 24 hours, during which they have no opportunity for food, water or rest. The conditions are stressful and sometimes deadly.

Animal Justice joined the Winnipeg Humane Society and other animal advocates to take a stand outside the Manitoba Legislative Building. The event featured an exciting lineup of speakers, provided educational resources, and hosted local and national animal welfare organizations—including horse ambassadors from local sanctuaries! 

You Can Help

The federal government has promised to end the live export of horses for slaughter, but so far, hasn’t acted. Their lengthy delay is allowing this heartbreaking cruelty to continue.

Please join us in asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government to make horses an immediate priority in Parliament, and ban horse exports as quickly as possible.