Success! Bill to Ban Live Horse Exports for Slaughter Passes House of Commons

Big news! The House of Commons has voted to pass Bill C-355, which aims to ban the live export of Canadian horses to Japan for slaughter. This important bill is now headed to the Senate for further study, and is one step closer to becoming law.

On May 9, 2024, Bill C-355 successfully cleared its third reading in Parliament with a vote of 166 to 137.

Canada is a major exporter of live horses, shipping thousands of these sensitive animals every year overseas so they can be fattened and violently killed for sashimi—a raw delicacy for the rich. Horses are flown in cargo, packed tightly together in tiny wooden crates for the gruelling and terrifying journeys. These horses can legally be denied food, water, and rest for up to 28 hours.

During the flight, horses are at risk of being injured, collapsing, and even dying in transit.

Horses in crates being loaded for export.
Horses in crates being loaded for export.
Photo: Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

Exporters Caught Breaking Transport Laws

Although the legal time limit for travel is already an extensive 28 hours, there are documented cases of shipments exceeding this duration, leading to further suffering.

In February, Animal Justice successfully brought charges against an export company over a shipment of horses from Winnipeg that went well over the 28 hour legal limit, after the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) failed to take any enforcement action. During this flight, at least three horses tragically collapsed. This case is a rare instance of a private prosecution, in which a private entity, rather than public authorities, initiates legal action and lays charges.

Animal Justice lawyers are also pushing for the CFIA to investigate a shipment of horses from January 2024 that exceeded the legal time limit for denying horses food, water, and an opportunity to rest.

Help Ban Live Horse Exports for Slaughter

Please join us in keeping up the pressure to ban the live export of horses for slaughter. Take action now and tell Canada to pass legislation to finally end this cruel practice!

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