Actor Lauren Ash Wants Canada to End Dog Rescue Ban

Actor and comedian Lauren Ash is teaming up with Animal Justice to call for an end to Canada’s dangerous new policy that bans the import of dogs rescued from over 100 countries. Canada was once a safe haven for homeless dogs abroad, but this ban is leaving dogs to suffer by forcing rescues to shut down their operations.

In many nations around the world, dogs endure difficult lives on the streets, where they face constant threats of violence, disease, bad weather, and starvation. In countries like the Ukraine, dogs are exposed to the dangers of war, and in places like China, dogs are killed in the meat trade. Both of these countries are affected by Canada’s policy.

Lauren is an avid animal lover who lives with two adopted rescue pups, Bean and Fox, in Los Angeles. She is originally from Belleville, Ontario and stars as Dina Fox on the sitcom Superstore and in new comedy Not Dead Yet, soon to be released on ABC.

The ban came into effect in September 2022, imposed by federal authorities in a misguided effort to combat rabies.

While the risk of dog rabies should be taken seriously, there are science-based rabies prevention measures promoted by the World Organization for Animal Health, like vaccinations and antibody tests, that should be adopted instead. Canada is the only Western country with a blanket ban on the import of rescued dogs. Our closest trading partners allow safe dog adoption with appropriate safeguards.

Animal Justice and Soi Dog Canada are now challenging the federal policy in court, in an effort to have it overturned.

Please join Lauren and Animal Justice in taking action by contacting your Member of Parliament, calling on their support in asking the CFIA to allow adoptable animals into Canada via exemptions for animal rescues or humanitarian efforts.

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