Here’s How to Help Animals with the New Ontario Animal Protection Survey

Everything is about to change for animal protection in Ontario.

In March 2019, the Ontario SPCA announced it will no longer enforce animal cruelty laws in the province and is putting this public responsibility back in the hands of the government, where it belongs.

The Ontario government is now surveying the public to help decide how Ontario’s new animal law enforcement system will operate.

We encourage you to have your say, and consider our lawyers’ recommended survey responses to help create the best possible new system.

Below are our suggestions for Section 2: Enforcement of Animal Welfare Laws

  • Inspection powers should be granted to the provincial government and to the police. You can only click one option for this question, so click the “other” option to include both answers.
  • Humane societies should play a support role in animal cruelty investigations.
  • Inspections are extremely important, and should be conducted randomly by the provincial government.
  • In the additional thoughts box, mention that Ontario and the rest of Canada lags very far behind in animal protection laws. We need stronger laws more generally, and a rigorous, public enforcement system in place. You can mention that it is essential for Ontario to license and regulate zoos, aquariums, animal breeders, farms, fur farms, and other commercial uses of animals.


Take the Animal Protection Survey


Thank you for adding your voice to help protect animals from cruelty in Ontario. Stay tuned for our updates and thoughts on the new enforcement regime!


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