Cruel Pig & Calf Scrambles Should be Cancelled at Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

Update – March 25, 2022: The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair cancelled its cruel pig and calf “scrambles” just days before they were set to take place, after Animal Justice and the Winnipeg Humane Society, with the support of the Brandon Humane Society, voiced opposition to these cruel events, and hundreds of concerns citizens told the Fair to stop the scrambles.

Animal Justice and Winnipeg Humane Society, supported by the Brandon Humane Society, are calling on the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair and law enforcement authorities to cancel upcoming pig and calf “scrambles”.

The pig and calf scrambles are annual events that will soon take place at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair in Brandon, Manitoba from March 28 to April 2, 2022.

Pig and calf scramble events are horribly cruel to sensitive animals—with children and teenagers running after and roughly handling animals in the name of entertainment. Animal Justice believes this is illegal animal cruelty.

In the pig scramble, children chase terrified pigs, tackle them to the ground, and hold them in place as they squeal and try to break free.

During the calf scramble, teenagers charge gentle baby cows and grab them by their tails, necks, or bodies while they fight to remove the animals’ halters.

It’s illegal under provincial and federal laws to cause suffering and distress to animals—and this includes cruel and outdated pig and calf scramble events.

Animal scramble events are banned in some jurisdictions, and many have been cancelled by fairs across Canada due to animal cruelty concerns. In 2017, Animal Justice was successful in getting a pig scramble cancelled in PEI after authorities agreed that the aggressive competition didn’t comply with legal standards.

Please join us in calling on Royal Manitoba Winter Fair organizers to permanently cancel upcoming cruel pig and calf scrambles!

Stop animal scrambles at Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

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