Public Consultation: Canada Developing Plan to End Toxicity Tests on Animals

Note: The public consultation is now closed. Click here to take action for animals in labs!

Last year, Canada passed a groundbreaking law to phase out the use of animals in toxicity tests—some of the most cruel and harmful tests imaginable. Committing to ending the practice is a great first step, but the government still needs a strategy to get there, which is why they are now holding a public consultation to help guide the process!

Until January 29, we’re encouraging Canadians to tell the government that they support their efforts to phase out cruel toxicity testing on animals, and that they want these tests to end by 2035 at the latest—which is the deadline promised by the federal Liberals during the last election.

Rabbit in cage.

Strategy to End Toxicity Tests on Animals

Toxicity tests on animals can involve forced ingestion and inhalation of toxic chemicals, and skin or eye irritation tests causing painful sores and rashes without pain relief. Many animals die painful deaths during these experiments while those who survive are generally killed afterward.

Many toxicity tests fall under Category E—the most painful class of tests. In 2022, nearly 175,000 animals were used in product testing in Canada, and over 50,000 of them were used in the most painful category of toxicity tests.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, birds, and other animals endure horrifying toxicity experiments for chemicals in products like air fresheners, household cleaners, water bottles, food packaging, fabric softeners, and colognes.

To keep the government on track to ending these tests as soon as possible, we’re asking for:

  • Clear goals: The strategy should ensure toxicity testing on animals ends by 2035 at the latest—the deadline promised by the Liberals in the last federal election.
  • Meaningful refinement: Replace and reduce animals used in testing, and minimize pain and suffering for any animals that continue to be used.
  • Transparency: Canada should ensure accurate public reporting on the number and species of animals used in toxicity testing at all facilities across the country.
  • Funding: Dedicated funding should be allocated toward developing and validating non-animal methods so that Canada can play a leadership role in this important area.

Speak up for animals in labs by the January 29 deadline. It only takes a couple of minutes! Together, we can help ensure Canada ends brutal toxicity tests on animals as soon as possible.