Ducks & Geese Suffer for Canada Goose Winter Jackets

Today is Canada Goose Cruelty Awareness Day.

Animal Justice launched #CanadaGooseCrueltyAwarenessDay in 2019 to spread awareness for the animals who suffer for Canada Goose parkas—and look how far we’ve come!

In 2015, Animal Justice filed the world’s first consumer protection complaint against the luxury jacket company, claiming that the company was falsely advertising its use of fur as “humane” and “ethical” in a desperate attempt to dupe socially-conscious consumers into purchasing fur.

And when ads critical of the company’s use of down and fur were removed from Toronto transit shelters, Animal Justice intervened in the case to argue that removing the ads from city-owned property violates freedom of expression, a fundamental right guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In 2021 we celebrated, as the company announced that it plans to go entirely fur-free by the end of 2022. It was a huge blow to the cruel fur industry, and more proof that there is no longer a market for fashion products that use real fur.

But what about down insulation?

Down is the fluffy feathers under a goose or duck’s outer feathers and closest to the birds’ skin that keeps birds warm and protected. Despite modern and superior synthetic insulation being available, Canada Goose still uses down from birds who were violently slaughtered. Now that the days are getting colder, it’s a good time to spread compassion, and ask our friends and families to ditch down-filled jackets and choose outerwear made with superior modern insulation.

Will you join us in speaking up for geese today on Canada Goose Cruelty Awareness Day?

Share images on social media with a caption letting your friends and families know why you don’t support Canada Goose’s use of down, and why they should go completely animal-free. Make sure to use the hashtag #CanadaGooseCrueltyAwarenessDay.