Animal Justice Canada is a Canadian Registered Charity (#80399 7212 RR0001) dedicated to advancing public knowledge of animal practices and preventing the abuse and killing of animals through the enforcement of existing laws.

Animal Justice Canada Legislative Fund is a federally incorporated not-for-profit dedicated to advocating for the humane treatment of animals.

If you are a legal professional or are interested in assisting with fundraising, writing or ongoing campaigns, contact us with information about your specific interests, experience, and skill set.

Please note that we are not able to assist with matters of a personal or individual nature.


Where is the Justice for Farmed Animals?

Wanner's_Farm_Narvon_Pennsylvania_milking_parlour_cows_waitingby Peter Sankoff, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
Camille Labchuk, Director of Legal Advocacy, Animal Justice Canada

Earlier this month, Quebec tabled new animal protection legislation that makes it the first jurisdiction in Canada to recognize that animals are sentient beings with biological needs. Although this fact will seem obvious to anyone who has ever lived with an animal, stating it so boldly marks a major symbolic change for the law. (more…)

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Animal Justice Calls for Amendments to Proposed Animal Welfare Act

Animal_Abuse_Battery_Cage_01CHARLOTTETOWN–Animal Justice Canada Legislative Fund (“Animal Justice”) is calling for amendments to a government animal protection bill. If enacted, Bill 2, the Animal Welfare Act, would replace the existing Companion Animal Protection Act and introduce sweeping exemptions for animal-use industries, rolling back the protection of animals in PEI. (more…)