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Medical Testing on Animals: A Brief History



Animals are used in biomedical research for everything from basic understanding and exploratory research to drug and vaccine development. The use of animals as models in medical research has existed since the beginnings of medicine and has led to the discovery and creation of treatments and cures for a long list of ailments. It is not the purpose of this blog post to argue against the well-known fact that the use of non-human animals in biomedical research has given important contributions to the medical progress. However, awareness and knowledge of the types of procedures animals are subjected to for the purpose of scientific and medical progress provides for an educated, public, scientific and philosophical debate on a long-standing and controversial topic. This blog post explores the thoughts, beliefs, and scientific advancements surrounding animals and their place in the biomedical research world throughout history.


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Animal Justice Applauds Ontario Captive Orca Ban

Orca_AlaskaTORONTO – Animal Justice Canada Legislative Fund is applauding a groundbreaking announcement today by Community Safety Minister Yasir Naqvi that Ontario will ban captivity for orcas. In doing so, Ontario becomes the first Canadian province to join a growing list of countries that have said no to keeping orcas in captivity. This list comprises at least 14 countries, including Switzerland and India, and the state of South Carolina. New York and California are currently debating legislation that would ban orca captivity. (more…)