If your school doesn’t currently offer an animal law class, don’t despair—you can ask for one!

First, you’ll need to find an instructor. Start by identifying and approaching faculty, adjunct faculty, and members of the local legal community that may have knowledge of animal law and an interest in teaching a course.

Next, schedule a meeting with the law school administration to learn more about the requirements for adding a new course to the curriculum. You will need to show the administration that there is enough student interest in studying animal law to make a course worthwhile, so gather signatures and personal testimonials from students who are keen to study animal law if it is offered. Your request will also be looked upon more favourably if you can secure a faculty member or other instructor to teach the course.

If the course is approved, congratulations! Professors are welcome to contact Animal Justice for help designing an animal law course. Through our network of animal law scholars and professors, we can provide resources to support first-time animal law instructors.