Apply to Become an Animal Justice Student Club

The Animal Justice Student Program offers student animal law clubs an opportunity to affiliate with Animal Justice, and it’s easy to apply. We’re here to support your club as it works to raise the profile of animal law on campus.

Animal law is an exciting, growing field and student clubs are an essential part of it. By starting or getting involved with a student club, you can spark interest and awareness among fellow law students and faculty, help advocate for stronger laws protecting animals, and get some hands-on animal law experience while still in law school. Today’s law students are tomorrow’s leaders, and raising the profile of animal law on campus can have a powerful effect down the road, when you and your classmates are in a position to help make legal change.

Animal Justice will help your club by providing funding for student-led projects and events, and we offer Canadian animal law resources, guest speakers, and volunteer opportunities. The Animal Justice Student Program also facilitates club collaboration by connecting students at law schools across the country.

Please provide your student club details below. All email addresses provided will be subscribed to the Animal Justice email list, to stay in touch with your club and provide you with relevant information. You can unsubscribe at any time.