#30: Interview with Rebeka Breder, Animal Law Lawyer

#30: Interview with Rebeka Breder, Animal Law Lawyer

April 12, 2019

In Episode 30 of Paw & Order, Camille is joined by guest co-host Rebeka Breder, one of the country’s leading animal lawyers in private practice. Rebeka opens up about her path to becoming an animal rights lawyer, and two of her current high-profile cases—one lawsuit on illegal exports of horses shipped internationally slaughter, and an intervention to protect “dangerous” dogs potentially facing the death penalty.

Plus, we bring you the inside scoop on how the federal bill ban whale and dolphin captivity was saved from being killed last week at a parliamentary committee, why animal advocates are trespassing on Canadian farms, New Brunswick vets banning cat declawing, and how the Cherry Brook Zoo somehow escaped criminal animal cruelty prosecution for the deaths of guinea pigs.

This episode’s hero award goes to the Australian activists who are putting animal cruelty on the agenda and inspiring people to watch the film Dominion, and the zero is the European Parliament agriculture committee for trying to forbid plant-based foods from using terms like “sausage” or “hamburger”.

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Animal Justice

Rebeka Breder

Camille Labchuk


Animal Justice


Animal Justice

Camille Labchuk

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