#16: NFACC’s Codes of Practice for Farmed Animals

#16: NFACC's Codes of Practice for Farmed Animals

August 31, 2018


We’re back! Camille and Peter tackle one of the most important issues in Canadian animal law: the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC), and the codes of practice it publishes for the treatment of farmed animals.

Shockingly, animal welfare on farms is almost completely unregulated in Canada. Instead, the government lets the farm industry-dominated NFACC develop voluntary, unenforceable “standards” for animals confined on farms. Learn more about this organization, and why we’re concerned that NFACC’s style of self-regulation is window-dressing that’s ultimately counterproductive for animals.

Plus, we bring you the news! A troubling new law in Missouri says that “meat” can only come from slaughtered animals, but the plant-based and clean meat industries are challenging it in court. Meanwhile, the dairy industry was just exposed for funding research at UBC, and for a secret political strategy manual discovered at the national Conservative convention. An anti-fur advocate is facing more charges for exposing fur farm cruelty, and an Australian live exporter just lost its license after horrific abuse was revealed on ships transport sheep to the Middle East.

Finally, this week’s hero is the UK, for announcing new laws banning shock collars, and combatting puppy and kitten farms. And the zero? That title goes to the former owner of an Edmonton pet store, who now faces charges for abandoning 500 animals in the pet store.

Photo credit to Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals


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Animal Justice

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