#10: Farmed Animal Law with Special Guest Co-Host Anna Pippus

#10: Farmed Animal Law with Special Guest Co-Host Anna Pippus

May 25, 2018


Peter is on vacation this week, so Camille is joined by special guest co-host Anna Pippus, Animal Justice’s director of farmed animal advocacy. Tune in for an enlightening conversation about Anna’s legal work on behalf of animals confined in farms. Animals used in farming are the largest group of animals abused and killed in Canada every year, yet laws regulating their lives and treatment are often non-existent, or weak and under-enforced. Anna and Camille also delve into the psychology of repeated exposure to animal abuse, and some promising food policy initiatives, like revisions to the Canada Food Guide, that have the potential to reshape our food system and save millions of animals from a lifetime of suffering.

Plus, you’ll get the low-down on our recent intervention in a case that challenges Ontario’s animal protection laws, upcoming veg fests where you can find our team, and some high-profile recent animal cruelty cases and investigations that have made headlines. This includes 14 animal cruelty charges laid against Millbank Fur Farm near Guelph, Ontario, following an extensive undercover investigation by Last Chance for Animals, and a new Mercy For Animals investigation exposing disturbing treatment of baby chicks at an Ontario hatchery. Camille and Anna also talk horses: a shocking video showing two downed carriage horses in Victoria, and a barn fire that killed 16 horses at Sunnybrook Stables in Toronto.

Finally, find out why the Whale Sanctuary Project is this episode’s hero, and Marineland is named the zero.


Whale Sanctuary Project narrows sanctuary search down to two sites, including Nova Scotia

Marineland’s lawyer registers to lobby against whale and dolphin protection bills

Marineland alleges ‘bullying’ by animal advocates, while still suing whistleblowers

New poll: Canadian public largely opposes whale and dolphin captivity


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