#32: Criminalizing Compassion – #MeatTheVictims & #PigTrial2

#32: Criminalizing Compassion - #MeatTheVictims & #PigTrial2

May 10, 2019


Peter & Camille are in person for this episode in Yellowknife, NWT, where they spoke about podcasting at a legal education event hosted by the Canadian Bar Association.

As always, there’s lots of news to discuss, including a new lawsuit to hold Walmart and other retailers to account for selling cruel mouse glue traps. The hosts also provide an update on the hold-up in third reading voting on the anti-bestiality bill in the House of Commons (update: it passed!), and the shark finning import ban finally passing second reading.

In the main segment, Camille and Peter discuss the rise of direct action animal advocacy in Canada, the legal issues raised, and the potential for legal pushback by industry and legislators. The hosts go over two recent high-profile cases: Ontario prosecutors withdrawing criminal charges against activist Jenny McQueen for rescuing a piglet, in a case that had been dubbed the #PigTrial2; and the #MeatTheVictims action in Abbotsford, B.C., where activists occupied an industrial pig farm that had been exposed for horrific pig abuse.

Finally, this episode’s hero is a centuries-old throwback—Leonardo da Vinci, one of the original animal rights activists, who died 500 years ago this month. The zero is the Canadian government, which secretly approved export permits to let Vancouver Aquarium and Marineland ship beluga whales out of the country just weeks before a national ban on whale captivity is expected to be passed in Parliament.

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Animal Justice

Peter Sankoff

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Animal Justice

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Animal Justice

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