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Toronto City Council Votes Against Appealing Shark Fin Ban

On February 21, 2012, by a majority vote of 39 to 3, Toronto City Council carried a Motion not to appeal Eng v City of Toronto, a decision of the Superior Court of Justice striking down the Toronto Shark Fin By-law.

The carried Motion also requested that the City Manager, in consultation with the Medical Officer of Health: (1) conduct a comprehensive review of any negative health, environmental, ecological and animal welfare consequences  that the City faces from depleting oceanic species consumed as food, considering shark populations and the practice of shark finning; (2) identify all available options to reduce or eliminate the concerns identified in the review; (3) to report such findings at the June 27, 2013 meeting of the Licensing and Standards Committee.

“To curtail the practice of shark finning, it is imperative that Toronto base any regulatory actions on sound evidence and with legal jurisdiction,” said Zeynep Husrevoglu, of Animal Justice Canada. “The proposed comprehensive review will provide Toronto with a sound evidentiary record, appropriately equipping the City to deal with any future challenges to their jurisdiction.”

City Council’s decision not to appeal Eng v City of Toronto means that the Court’s ruling that the Toronto Shark Fin By-law was ultra vires the City of Toronto Act will stand.

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