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Royal Manitoba Winter Fair Cancels Cruel Pig & Calf Scrambles Following Opposition by Winnipeg Humane Society & Animal Justice

WINNIPEG- The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair has cancelled its upcoming pig and calf scramble events, just days before they were scheduled to take place. The move follows public outcry and opposition from the Winnipeg Humane Society and national animal law organization Animal Justice.

Hundreds of concerned citizens wrote in to call on Fair organizers to cancel the cruel events, which were to take place in Brandon from March 28 – April 2, 2022. Hundreds more signed the Winnipeg Humane Society’s online petition. Pig and calf scrambles involve youth chasing, grabbing, and attempting to capture frightened, helpless animals in the name of entertainment.

“The Winnipeg Humane Society is pleased to see fair organizers acknowledge our animal welfare concerns associated with the event,” said Brittany Semeniuk, animal welfare specialist with the Winnipeg Humane Society. “This move is a step in the right direction and reflects the values of many Manitobans who already oppose animal scrambles.”

“We are thrilled that the Fair’s organizers listened to our concerns, and those of the hundreds of Manitobans who wrote in and called for these cruel events to be cancelled,” said Kaitlyn Mitchell, Winnipeg-based staff lawyer with Animal Justice. “Encouraging youth to chase and grab at frightened, helpless pigs and calves is antiquated and completely inhumane. Had the pig and calf scrambles gone ahead, they would have likely violated federal and provincial animal cruelty laws by causing causing distress and suffering to animals in the name of entertainment. We hope that the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair will cancel its pig and calf scrambles for good, just as fairs across Canada have done.”


For more information contact:

Brittany Semeniuk
Animal Welfare Specialist, Winnipeg Humane Society
[email protected]

Kaitlyn Mitchell
Staff Lawyer, Animal Justice
[email protected]