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OSPCA Mass Euthanasia Stopped!

Newmarket-Aurora MPP Frank Klees confirmed this morning that the OSPCA’s euthanasia plans at the Newmarket shelter has been stopped in its tracks.

The announcement was made this morning by Rob Godfrey, Chair of the Ontario SPCA following a discussion with Klees last night.  Godfrey confirmed that all animals will be tested and treated individually.

To date, 99 animals have been euthanized under the original plan. That has now been stopped. 96 animals have now been placed into foster care and will be tested and treated there.

Of the 140 animals left, there are 99 cats 33 dogs and 8 turtles. 15 dogs have now been isolated for treatment at the shelter in separate facilities and will be monitored over the next few weeks. The remaining 23 dogs and 91 cats will be placed in temporary private shelters where they will be treated until they are recovered.

“This is the right thing to do,” said Klees. “It’s just unfortunate that it’s two days late. Now we have to ensure that we get to the bottom of how we got here and ensure this never happens again.”

Frank Klees, MPP