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Ontario PC Party Bill Defeated

PC Party MPP Jack MacLaren’s Bill 47, Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Act, 2012 has been defeated in its second reading.

The bill, which delegates of Ontario Pork supported with a vote of 79-1, came under criticism by animal welfare proponents for effectively gutting animal welfare laws in the province.

Supporters of the Bill failed to unite animal agriculture groups with those that have expressed concern over lack of OSPCA accountability to government and its dual role of both operating shelters and enforcing provincial animal welfare laws.

Some criticised the initiative arguing that it was an attempt to hijack good faith efforts to reform the OSPCA for the betterment of animals by those who are most likely to run afoul of existing animal welfare laws.

In 2010 the OSPCA came under fire for proposing a mass euthenasia of 350 animals
 at its Newmarket shelter after reports of an outbreak of treatable ringwork. Due to intense public pressure the Newmarket OSPCA made a full policy reversal and adopted out the remaining animals, stating that each was to be treated on an individual basis.