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Media Advisory: Manitoba Live Horse Exporter Faces First Court Appearance

WINNIPEG—Carolyle Farms, a live horse exporter based in Swan River, Manitoba, faces its first court appearance following a charge laid by Animal Justice in February through a rare private prosecution. 

When: Thursday, April 18, 2024, 2:00 pm CDT

Where: Winnipeg Provincial Court, courtroom 306

The charge under the federal Health of Animals Regulations against Carolyle Farms pertains to an air shipment of horses which unlawfully exceeded the 28-hour maximum time limit for transporting horses without food, water, and rest. 

The incident occurred during a flight to Japan, where the horses were intended to be fattened, slaughtered and eaten as a raw delicacy. At least three horses collapsed during the journey.

The case is a rare example of a private prosecution, in which a private individual, rather than public authorities, is permitted by the court to lay a charge for an alleged offence.


Josh Lynn
Public Relations Manager
[email protected]