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LAW Provides Input to Ag. Ministers on Animal Laws

Lawyers for Animal Welfare (LAW) has provided materials to be considered at today’s July 8, 2011 New Brunswick meeting of Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Agriculture.

The meeting will include a discussion of consistency in Canadian animal protection laws, regulations and enforcement.

LAW sent a letter to Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Carol Mitchell to draw her attention to some substantial inadequacies with Federal and Provincial animal welfare law.

The letter can be read HERE.

The letter discusses how the anti-cruelty measures in the Federal Criminal Code have not been meaningfully updated since 1892 and could be made much more robust through amendments.

Although Provinces and Territories have enacted their own anti-cruelty legislation to supplement the Criminal Code provisions, a further problem arises in that the Provincial anti-cruelty regimes create a patchwork approach to protecting animals. Some jurisdictions have relatively strong legislation, while others are far weaker. Animals end up being treated very differently depending on where they live.

LAW sees a coordinated approach as a better option, ensuring that the strongest measures are in place, across the board.

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