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Animal Justice’s Statement on Barn Fire That Killed 1000 Pigs

Yet another barn fire has broken out, this time killing 1000 pigs. The animals no doubt died in agony as they burned to death with no means of escape.

An epidemic of barn fires has shone a light on the virtual absence of fire safety measures taken to prevent farmed animals from burning alive. Barns aren’t even typically equipped with alarms.

Anna Pippus, director of farmed animal advocacy with national animal protection law group Animal Justice, said the following:

“Initial media reports reveal the bias that allows these atrocities to continue: we care about human safety and economic loss, while the extreme suffering endured by vulnerable animals is an afterthought at best.

“The Fire Marshal must investigate the cause of this blaze alongside the Ontario SPCA, which enforces animal protection laws in the province. If the fire and consequent animal suffering were caused by negligence, animal cruelty charges must be considered.

“The lives of animals used for food are characterized by misery and deprivation. Allowing them to burn alive with no means of escape is yet another manifestation of a broken food system that fails to acknowledge animals as the sensitive individuals they really are.”