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Animal Justice Welcomes New B.C. Regulations for Cat and Dog Breeders

VANCOUVER–National animal law organization Animal Justice is welcoming an announcement by the British Columbia government today that it would impose new regulations on cat and dog breeders, requiring them to adhere to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s codes of practice for cat and dog breeding. B.C. Premier Christy Clark also promised her government will consult on requiring licensing for cat and dog breeders, and will consider requiring proactive enforcement of the regulations.

“Animal Justice welcomes this move to enhance legal protections for animals cats and dogs used by commercial breeders,” said Camille Labchuk, executive director. “Setting clear, enforceable standards for cat and dog breeders is important. It’s even more critical to license breeders, coupled with regular, unannounced, inspections of breeding facilities. No matter how strong standards for breeders might be, animals will continue to suffer from abuse and neglect if the laws are not vigorously enforced.”

The recent spate of high-profile puppy mill busts in B.C. demonstrates that breeders require close oversight to ensure animals are receiving adequate care. Any time animals are used for commercial, profit-making enterprises, they are left vulnerable to mistreatment.

Animal Justice calls on Premier Clark to act quickly to implement the new standards for breeders, require licensing, and provide for regular, unannounced inspections. Ultimately, B.C. law enforcement official should inspect all commercial industries–not simply cat and dog breeders.

Animal Justice notes that while stronger laws are welcome, the best way to shut down abusive puppy and kitty mills is to end the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores, and instead require that pet shops offer up shelter cats and dogs for adoption.


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