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Animal Justice to Testify at Committee, Urging Ontario to Add Teeth to Proposed Puppy Mill Law

TORONTO—In an effort to strengthen Ontario’s proposed puppy mill legislation Camille Labchuk, lawyer and executive director at Director Animal Justice, will testify before the Standing Committee on Justice Policy on Wednesday (May 8).

During her appearance, Ms. Labchuk will implore lawmakers to add protections to the Preventing Unethical Puppy Sales Act (PUPS Act) that will help shield dogs from cruelty in commercial breeding. As it stands, the proposed legislation falls far short of that goal and will do practically nothing to stop puppy mills.

In its present form, the PUPS Act would prohibit some harmful dog breeding practices. But the bill still does not require dog breeders to be licenced, meaning the new requirements would be virtually unenforceable because authorities do not know where the vast majority of puppy mills and irresponsible backyard breeders are located. 

Presently, enforcement officials typically only learn of problems at puppy mills and irresponsible backyard breeders through complaints from the public, which are rare because dogs are often kept hidden on private property. 

“Dogs in Ontario deserve better than ineffective legislation that would do nothing to prevent the horrific conditions and brutal suffering that have been witnessed at unregulated Ontario puppy mills,” Ms. Labchuk said.

“Unless it’s strengthened, the PUPS Act will continue to let cruel puppy mill operators lock mother dogs and their puppies in cramped, wire-floor cages without adequate exercise and social opportunities. Authorities will have no way of knowing where these cruel operations are located and will be powerless to enforce laws against puppy mills.”

Solicitor General Michael Kerzner introduced the PUPS Act in December. If passed, it will amend the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act (PAWS Act).

The Standing Committee on Justice Policy is scheduled to meet at 9 am in Committee Room 2, then from 1-3 pm. Ms. Labchuk will testify at 1 pm.


Josh Lynn
Public Relations Manager
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Camille Labchuk
Executive Director
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