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Animal Justice to Educate Public in PEI

Community Legal Information Association of PEI (CLIA) and Animal Justice Canada have announced a new joint program aimed at increasing public understanding of the law and animals in Prince Edward Island.

“Islanders are passionate about animals,” says Kelly Robinson, Program Coordinator of CLIA. “Whether they  live in our homes, on our farms, or in their own habitats, animals play a part in our lives in all kinds of ways. But it’s often difficult to know how the law works when it comes to animals. Through this project, we are providing greater public awareness so that anyone can be an advocate for animal welfare.”

While society’s concern for animal welfare continues to grow, many Islanders are unsure of – or simply do not know – what protection animals have under the law, or the legal rights and restrictions that govern people’s relationships with them. This project will provide residents of PEI with clear and accessible information on a wide range of animal-related issues, from basic standards of animal care, to renting accommodation, to recognising and reporting animal abuse. It will also provide information that will help residents understand how the laws designed to protect animals can be properly enforced.

Throughout the project, CLIA and Animal Justice Canada will be consulting with local animal welfare and agricultural organisations. Groups or individuals interested in providing input are invited to contact either CLIA at [email protected] or Animal Justice Canada at [email protected].

Community Legal Information Association of PEI is a non-profit registered charity, providing information, referrals, and support to Islanders on the law and the justice system.

Animal Justice Canada is a non-profit registered charity dedicated to advancing public knowledge of animal practices and preventing the abuse of animals through the enforcement of existing laws.