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Animal Justice Condemns NB Exotic Animal Kill

Animal Justice Canada condemns the reported killing of eight animals in Cambellton, New Brunswick, following the tragic death of two young boys earlier this week after a reportedly illegally kept African Rock Python escaped its enclosure.

“Steps must be taken to protect public safety after this tragic event, but the senseless killing of improperly kept exotic animals does nothing more than demonstrate a lack of respect for life. Government must enforce existing laws and take responsibility for finding suitable facilities for the animals that have been seized,” said Nicholas dePencier Wright, Executive Director of Animal Justice Canada.

“The fact that seven out of the eight animals that were euthanized had no involvement in the events which took place is particularly troubling,” said Ashley Hamp-Gonsalves, a spokesperson for Animal Justice Canada.

To date, four American Alligators and four snakes from the exotic animal store Reptile Ocean in Cambellton, New Brunswick, have been euthanized. Only the African Rock Python was involved with the death of the two boys.

A former employee of Reptile Ocean has publicly stated that there were facilities that would have taken the animals, adding that he was in contact with a number of establishments.

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