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Animal Justice Calls on Chief Firearms Officer to Investigate Marineland’s John Holer

Animal Justice Canada calls on Chief Firearms Officer Superintendent Chris Wyatt to investigate allegations of dangerous criminal conduct against Marineland’s John Holer and, if substantiated, remove his firearms license.

Zeynep Husrevoglu of Animal Justice said “there are witness statements on record which allege that Mr. Holer committed a number of dangerous and serious firearms-related offences. Even though criminal charges have yet to be laid, it is in the interest of public safety for this matter to be fully investigated.”

Nicholas dePencier Wright of Animal Justice said “the allegations raise grave concerns for public safety. It is our position that the discharge of a firearm in a residential neighbourhood and the unlawful killing of two dogs provide ample grounds for the revocation of a firearms license.”

Several eyewitnesses have stated that they saw Mr. Holer, owner of Marineland Canada, shoot two dogs in a residential neighbourhood. If these allegations are true, Mr. Holer appears to have committed a number of serious offences under the Criminal Code and Niagara Falls by-laws.

The allegations against Mr. Holer necessitate further investigation to determine if his firearms license should be revoked. Such a determination falls to the Chief Firearms Officer under the Firearms Act to ensure public safety.

A copy of Animal Justice’s letter to Chief Firearms Officer Superintendent Chris Wyatt can be read HERE.

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***UPDATE*** Animal Justice Received a response from the Chief Firearms Office dated March 15, 2013 stating that they would follow up on the matter. The letter can be read HERE.