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Animal Justice Applauds CTA For Upholding Air Canada Monkey Transport Ban

In a decision released today, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has upheld Air Canada’s decision to amend its Domestic and International Cargo Tariffs to stop shipping non-human primates destined for cruel research and experimentation.

“We applaud Air Canada for ending the shipment of non-human primates destined for cruel research and experimentation and for standing up to the industry groups that brought their groundless claim to the Canadian Transportation Agency. The Agency’s decision affirms Air Canada’s right to amend its tariff to reflect consumer demands and to take a stand against unnecessary animal cruelty,” said Zeynep Husrevoglu of Animal Justice Canada.

Until recently, Air Canada was among a dwindling number of large international airlines that still shipped non-human primates for research purposes. When this fact was brought to the public’s attention, Air Canada received thousands of consumer demands to stop the practice.

Animal Justice played an integral role in supporting Air Canada in exercising its legal right to change its Tariff to end the practice including providing a legal analysis on how the policy change could be implemented in a manner compliant with the applicable legislation and regulations.

In response to Air Canada’s policy change, the Public Health Agency of Canada and Queen’s University filled a complaint with the CTA, alleging that Air Canada’s new Tariff was in violation of the Canada Transportation Act, SC 1996, c 10 and the Air Transportation Regulations, SOR/88-58.

Dismissing the complaints, the CTA held that Air Canada was well within its rights in amending its Tariff to stop the shipment of non-human primates. A copy of the full CTA decision can be read HERE.

Animal Justice Canada is a Canadian Registered Charity dedicated to advancing public knowledge of animal practices and preventing the abuse and killing of animals through the enforcement of existing laws.

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