#Voiceless4AnimalJustice Campaign Helps Stop Ag Gag Laws

We just wrapped up our sixth annual #Voiceless4AnimalJustice campaign where, once again, our amazing community of animal heroes raised funds to improve legal protections for animals in Canada.

On October 25, supporters from coast-to-coast took a vow of silence for the millions of chickens, cows and pigs whose suffering goes unheard in the meat, egg and dairy industries. This year’s #Voiceless4AnimalJustice campaign had extra meaning too, as Animal Justice lawyers will be challenging Ontario’s agricultural gag law in court next week, laws that punish those who speak up for uncovering animal abuse. This year we went voiceless for the animals, undercover investigators and whistleblowers who are all being silenced.

This year, our supporters raised an incredible $20,371 to help Animal Justice continue our vital work to challenge ag gag laws and to give animals the legal protection they desperately need.

Prize Winners

Incredible compassionate brands also supported our efforts by donating many fabulous animal-friendly prizes for our top fundraisers.

Congrats to the following winners!:

• 1st place fundraiser – Louise Jorgenson

• 2nd place fundraiser – Student Animal Law Association of Dalhousie

• 3rd place fundraiser – Kallie Jackson

• Complete fundraising page by October 13 – Michelle Oberg

• First fundraiser to raise $750 – Louise Jorgenson

• First fundraiser to raise $500 – Kallie Jackson

• Minimum 3 donations raised – Caroline Doyer, Jarrod Hall, Athena F, Caeley Lorincz

• Prize for using hashtag #Voiceless4AnimalJustice – Andrea Guzman, Barb Potter

• Fundraisers of the week – Kallie Jackson, Disti Premal Sanghvi

• Participants of the week – Edelweisse D’Andrea, Michael Scott

Our Sponsors

Thank you so much to the following brands for sponsoring #Voiceless4AnimalJustice 2023!




The Grinning Goat

Vegan Supply

The Edgy Veg



Dr. Bronner’s


Sweets from the Earth

If you fundraised, made a donation, or shared the campaign, thank you for helping make #Voiceless4AnimalJustice a smashing success. Most importantly, thank you for standing up for the animals who so desperately need us to continue this fight against dangerous ag gag laws!