TAKE ACTION: Ask Parliament to Pass Strong New Animal Laws

Canada urgently needs better federal laws protecting animals from abuse and suffering. But we’re finally beginning to see a shift in a positive direction. During Canada’s recent federal election, all the political parties made animal protection a policy priority for the first time ever. And happily, 24 animal-friendly MPs endorsed by Animal Justice were re-elected to Parliament.

Now it’s time to put words into action! We’re calling on Parliament to strengthen animal protection laws in three key ways—by ending cosmetic animal testing and phasing out toxicity tests on animals, banning the live export of horses for slaughter, and outlawing fur farms.

1. End cosmetic animal testing and phase out toxicity tests on animals

The re-elected Liberal government promised to introduce legislation ending cosmetic testing on animals as soon as 2023, and to phase out toxicity testing on animals by 2035. Testing cosmetics and other toxic substances on animals is a cruel and unnecessary practice that should end as soon as possible. Testing methods inflict severe pain, distress and death through forced ingestion of chemicals as well as inflicting burns and trauma while unanesthetized. Over 41 countries—including the entire European Union—have full or partial bans on cosmetic testing on animals. It’s time for Canada to fully ban this inhumane practice, and make sure that animal-free toxicity tests become the only option. 

2. Ban the live export of horses for slaughter

The government also promised to ban the live export of horses for slaughter. Each year, thousands of horses are stuffed into small wooden crates with no room to move or lay down during transport to countries like Japan and Korea, where they are slaughtered and eaten as a delicacy. Many horses are severely injured or killed on these gruelling journeys overseas. For years, Animal Justice, partner organizations, and animal advocates across the country have called on the Canadian government to ban this inhumane practice. Now is the time to finally end the live export of horses and protect horses from needless suffering.

3. Outlaw cruel fur farms

The government also promised to introduce legislation to protect animals in captivity. This should include banning fur farms to protect animals like foxes, minks, and chinchillas from being killed for fashion trinkets. Fur farms confine these sensitive animals in nightmarish conditions inside tiny wire cages, where they are denied everything that makes life worth living. Fur farms are not only unnecessary, but they also pose a public health risk. Multiple COVID-19 outbreaks at British Columbia mink farms have been linked to many confirmed cases of COVID-19 in humans, and hundreds of dead minks. Because of these dangerous outbreaks and ongoing health risks, British Columbia recently announced a permanent phase out of mink farms in the province—making it the first Canadian province to do so. Now, it’s Canada’s turn to ban torturous and dangerous fur farms nationwide.

Take action! Join Animal Justice in calling on Parliament to strengthen animal protection laws in Canada and ban cruel, inhumane practices including cosmetic and toxicity testing on animals, the live export of horses for slaughter and fur farms. Contact your MP and urge them to take the next steps to combat cruelty in Canada!

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