Summer Compassion Challenge Raises Over $50K for Animals

Our hearts are full!

The Summer Compassion Challenge has come to an end and was a smashing success thanks to our compassionate supporters. Together, we raised $50,114—and with the first $15,000 in new monthly gifts being matched by a generous donor, that’s a grand total of $65,114 for animals during the Summer Compassion Challenge! 

Our original goal was to raise $15,000, but you heroes exceeded it so quickly. So we doubled the target to $30,000, and you blew past that target, too.

We can’t thank you enough for your support. Everyday, we are so grateful for the community that allows Animal Justice to continue this fight to protect animals.

We know that with this kind and continuous support on our side, we will keep providing animals the legal representation they need, and keep changing animal protection laws and policies.

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