Speak Up! PEI Survey Asks for Public Input on Animal Protection Laws

Calling all Prince Edward Islanders—and other compassionate Canadians, too! Here’s your chance to encourage stronger animal protection laws in PEI.

PEI is currently seeking public input on the state of animal welfare and protection laws in the province. The Animal Welfare in PEI survey invites members of the public to provide feedback about laws protecting farmed animals, exotic animals, and companion animals; government transparency; reporting standards; and animal law enforcement procedures.

All Canadian provinces still fall far short when it comes to animal protection. With that in mind, we urge you to tell PEI’s provincial government that animal welfare should be made a priority. You may wish to ask PEI to:

  • regulate on-farm animal welfare conditions, instead of letting the farm industry make up its own rules without oversight;
  • outlaw exotic pet ownership in the province, to protect wild animals from being inappropriate kept as companions;
  • license and regulate companion animal breeders, to prevent the proliferation of puppy mills;
  • outlaw fur farming—an abusive and outdated industry that also puts Canadians at risk of COVID-19 mutations; and
  • ban trapping and snaring to protect wild animals and pets from dying in torture devices for the sake of their fur.

It’s never been more important to speak up, because animals across Canada are threatened by the rise of dangerous new ag gag laws (agricultural gag) that cover up animal suffering on farms. In December, PEI passed new legislation—with almost no public debate—designed to protect farmers from the “financial stress” caused by individuals entering farm property. The new legislation creates draconian penalties for minor trespass offences, all in an effort to shield farm owners and operators from public scrutiny over the mistreatment of farmed animals, who are largely kept behind closed doors and out of public view.

It’s time to push back. Tell PEI to do better for animals, including setting standards for the treatment of farmed animals, companion animals, and exotic animals. Your participation in this survey could help shape animal welfare and protection legislation in PEI for years to come. Don’t miss out on the rare opportunity to join in on the discussion and affect real change.

The survey will close on February 15, 2021.


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