Senate Moves to Include Whale Protections & Shark Fin Ban in Government Fisheries Bill

The Canadian government is taking firm steps to protect captive whales from cruelty and ban the shark fin trade before the next election.

Senator Peter Harder, government representative in the Senate, introduced amendments at the Senate Fisheries Committee this week to Bill C-68, government fisheries legislation. The amendments incorporate some protections for whales and dolphins that compliment the captivity ban proposed in Bill S-203, and a ban on the trade of shark fins, which is also proposed in Bill S-238. Both of these private members bills have received considerable support from Canadians, and are currently being considered by the House of Commons. However, time is running out for the House of Commons to pass the bills before the end of June, when Parliament wraps up and election season begins.

By including these protections for whales, dolphins, and sharks in Bill C-68, the government fisheries bill, there is an even stronger chance that these important measures will become law before the parliamentary session ends.

Once Bill C-68 clears the Senate Fisheries Committee, it will be debated and voted on by the Senate, and will then be re-approved by the House of Commons.

Animal Justice applauds the government for its efforts to protect captive whales from cruelty, and to end the brutal trade in shark fin products is eliminated in Canada.


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