Protest at Toronto’s Brunch Fest: The Truth About Burnbrae Eggs

On June 15, animal advocates took to the streets in Toronto to educate Brunch Fest attendees about where eggs served at the event were produced.

Brunch Fest, held over the weekend of June 15-16, celebrated everything brunch. Burnbrae Farms, the “Official Eggs of Brunch Fest,” sponsored the event. But many people still don’t know the truth about how Canada’s largest egg company mistreats hens.

Most of Burnbrae’s eggs are laid by hens who spend their entire lives crammed into tiny cages. Surveys show that Canadians are often fooled by Burnbrae’s packaging, which shows grassy fields, with eggs described as “Naturegg” and “Nestlaid”. Many people think these eggs come from cage-free birds, but in reality, most of Burnbrae’s eggs come from caged hens.

Advocates handed out flyers to Brunch Fest attendees, and showed posters to people passing by. Some even went inside the event to reach more people.

Around the world, egg producers are moving away from cages. But Burnbrae still uses conventional and “enriched” battery cages—small wire cages where birds are denied many of their most basic instincts. Burnbrae deceitfully calls these cages “enriched colonies” to hide the truth about the hens’ conditions.

As Canada’s biggest egg producer, Burnbrae should oppose cruel cages. Learn more and ask them to change at