Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Edmonton Anti-Horse Slaughter Advocates

Thanks to the support of Animal Justice, prosecutors in Leduc, Alberta have withdrawn charges against two animal advocates. Karin Nelson and Tove Reece were charged with the offence of “stunting” after hanging a banner on a highway overpass near the Edmonton International Airport. The banner stated, “EIA ships horses to Japan for slaughter”, and was meant to expose the cruelty of packing horses into tiny crates, and flying them from Edmonton to Japan for horse meat.

Animal Justice assisted in the defence of Ms. Nelson and Ms. Reece, who were represented by Animal Justice board member and law professor Peter Sankoff, and University of Alberta law student Zachary Wilson.

“Zach and I are very pleased to obtain such a positive result. Though we would have liked to test these matters in court—as we believe that what occurred did not qualify as ‘stunting’—we feel good about the victory. It is important to support animal advocates who are trying to bring change to the world, and I’m happy we were able to have these charges dismissed.”

In addition to legal work to advance animal protection, Animal Justice is also committed to standing up for the legal rights of animal advocates who use their voices to speak up for the hundreds of millions of animals who are abused, killed, and silenced in Canada. Animal advocates are regularly targeted by law enforcement, including being subjected to baseless charges and prosecutions. Animal Justice believes that animals deserve lawyers, as do the brave advocates who work to protect them.


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