Animal Justice Demands Police Ethics Investigation Following Longueuil Police Deer Killing Video

Animal Justice is calling on Quebec’s Police Ethics Commissioner to investigate the conduct of a Longueuil police officer after residents of the Montreal suburb captured video footage showing the officer shooting an injured deer 13 times over the span of half an hour until the deer was finally killed. The deadly and torturous event took place on February 19, 2023.

Animal Justice filed a complaint with the Ethics Commissioner today alleging that the conduct of the officer constituted a breach of the “Code of Ethics of Quebec Police Officers”. Under the Code, police officers must avoid any form of abuse of authority including the use of “greater force than is necessary to accomplish what is required or permitted.” Police officers must also use sound judgment and exercise care in using a weapon or any other piece of equipment.

The police have reported that the deer had two broken legs and that, after consultation with Quebec’s Wildlife Ministry, it was determined that euthanasia was necessary. However, repeatedly shooting the deer with a weapon undoubtedly caused additional pain and prolonged suffering which was inhumane and avoidable. It’s illegal under provincial and federal animal cruelty laws to cause harm to animals.

Animal Justice believes a full investigation is required to determine whether the officer should face disciplinary action for this inhumane killing. Moreover, it has become clear after this incident that additional effort and guidance is required from Quebec’s Wildlife Ministry to adequately address wildlife issues across the province.

Police Brutality Against Animals is not New

In 2021, a Calgary police officer was investigated after he was was filmed kicking a K-9 dog, following a complaint by Animal Justice.

In 2019, a police officer in Lethbridge, Alberta was investigated for animal cruelty after he was caught on camera repeatedly running over an injured deer with a police truck. A witness reported that the officer ran over the deer at least five times before the deer died.

Conservation officers are law enforcement officers who are supposed to protect wildlife and the environment, and are notorious for gunning down animals in the wild as well.

No one is above the law, and the police need to be held accountable when animals are needlessly hurt and killed in the line of duty.