Thousands Call on Loblaws to Keep Animal Welfare Commitment

Over 5,000 compassionate people have now called on Loblaws to keep its promise to only sell cage-free eggs. Today, a group of customers marched into a Toronto store to hand-deliver some of those messages.

Hens used by the egg industry face some of the most egregious forms of cruelty in the Canadian food system. Birds are packed into wire cages so small that they can’t move freely or even spread their wings for nearly their entire lives. Galen Weston’s grocery chain committed to ending this cruelty and going cage-free by 2025. But now, it is breaking its promise, dropping this deadline, and refusing to share a timeline for ending this horrific suffering of sensitive hens.

Loblaws has transitioned its PC brand eggs to cage-free. But that’s far from enough. Loblaws still sells several other brands from hens confined in tiny cages. We know that progress is not being made in Canada. The vast majority of hens used for eggs are still confined to cages. Countries like the US and UK are moving rapidly away from cages, but Canada has fallen behind. 

As Canada’s largest food retailer, Loblaws has the power to influence the entire Canadian industry to move away from cages and improve its practices related to the way animals are treated. Join us in demanding that Loblaws keeps its promise to go cage-free by 2025.