How to Help Animals in Ukraine

Animal Justice stands in solidarity with the people and animals impacted by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Since Russia’s invasion, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries in search of safety—many desperately trying to bring their beloved companion animals with them across the border. Fortunately, several surrounding countries have agreed to make it easier for animals to cross the border, offering exemptions to their documentation requirements for incoming companion animals.

While this has helped many families and their pets stay together, not everyone has been so lucky. Some pets have been unable to make the long journeys across the border, others have been separated from their families amid the chaos, and many have been abandoned. As a result, animal shelters and rescues in Ukraine are being inundated with animals in need of aid. These shelter and rescue operators are staying in Ukraine to care for their animals, despite the dangers they face from Russian attacks. With stores closing and supplies dwindling, animal shelters and rescues are racing to find food and medical necessities for their animals. Reports suggest that many shelters only have a few days’ worth of supplies left for their animals.

Animal Justice is also deeply concerned about the fate of animals used in the farming industry, but so far there has been little information shared about the situation facing chickens, pigs, cows, and other farmed animals as Russian aggression escalates.

Animal shelters and rescues in Ukraine desperately need help. If you are able, please consider contributing to any of the following animal organizations in Ukraine so they can continue their efforts to feed, care for, and provide medical support to the thousands of animals impacted by the Russian invasion:

IFAW – raising funds for two Ukrainian shelters: Shelter Pif and Holivka Shelter


Happy Paw

Shelter Ugolyok

International Animal Protection League

• Shelter Friend Ukraine – Donate via PayPal – [email protected]

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