Indie Documentary “Real Fur” Reveals True Cost of Fur Fashion

Real Fur is an independent documentary that tells the story of the millions of animals that are killed each year in Canada for their fur.

Filmmaker Taimoor Choudhry has been investigating the fur industry in Canada for the past five years. The film follows his journey from being an uninformed consumer to a passionate activist as he witnesses animals living in horrific inhumane conditions and learns the truth about fur.

Through conversations with politicians, fur farm insiders, investigators, fashion designers, and animal rights leaders, including Animal Justice’s Camille Labchuk, Real Fur is an eye-opening investigation into the reality of Canada’s fur industry.

You’re Invited to a Private Screening

On September 18, the Canadian Animal Law Conference will host an early private screening of the upcoming documentary, Real Fur, in Toronto.

The Canadian Animal Law Conference is an annual conference focused on animal law, with an emphasis on Canada and North America, but informed by global approaches. This year, the Conference features an exciting in-person program with thought-provoking presentations by leading experts from around the world—including lawyers, scholars, politicians, scientists, and advocates. Anyone is welcome to attend, and the program is of interest to both legal and non-legal audiences.