Minister Bibeau Responds to Live Horse Export Petition

Minister of Agriculture Marie-Claude Bibeau has responded to parliamentary petition e-4190, calling on her to stop the delay and immediately ban the live export of horses for slaughter. Bibeau was directed by Prime Minister Trudeau in December 2021 to end this practice. But over a year later, Canadian horses are still being flown to Japan to be killed and chopped up for sashimi.

The petition gathered over 36,000 signatures, making it the third largest petition of this Parliament. Petition e-4190 and was initiated by Canadian icon and animal lover Jann Arden, who, like many Canadians, cares deeply about horses and wants to protect them from this cruelty.

Bibeau’s response was disappointing, but not surprising. While she noted that many Canadians want a ban, she is still consulting with industry stakeholders—something she’s been saying for months and months. Meanwhile, horses continue to be forced into wooden crates, flown overseas without food or water, and violently killed at their destination.

Horses can’t wait any longer.

Please join us in keeping up the pressure! Take action and share the petition on social media with your friends and family. It’s time for Minister Bibeau to ban the cruel export of live horses for slaughter immediately.

Banner: Canadian Horse Defence Coalition