Animal Justice’s Rodeo Cruelty Prosecution Efforts Make International News

Calf RopingThis year at the Calgary Stampede rodeo, four horses were killed during the infamously dangerous chuckwagon racing event. One competitor was disqualified for animal cruelty. Countless animals were subjected to fear, pain, and risk of injury and death.

Rodeo is opposed by virtually all animal protection organizations in the world. Internationally respected large animal veterinarian and former rodeo participant Dr. Peggy Larson has stated, “it is impossible to create a humane rodeo.”

Yet, a Canadian rodeo hasn’t been prosecuted since 1950. Industries are left to self-police, creating and following rules that ultimately serve their own interests.

This year, for the first time, Animal Justice issued a formal, comprehensive call to Calgary Humane Society—which enforces Alberta’s animal protection laws—to act to protect animals. The law of Alberta is clear that it is illegal to cause or permit animals to unreasonably be in distress.

The call to action resonated with compassionate people from around the world, who are disturbed by the yearly animal suffering and want to see a crackdown on cruelty. Our efforts were reported by the Canadian Press (twice), the Associated Press, CTV National, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Toronto Star, Radio Canada International, Fox News, ABC News, Seattle Times, and more than one hundred other print, online, radio, and television publications.

Here is a selection of some of that coverage:

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