Animal Justice Seeks Leave to Intervene in Supreme Court Appeal

We are excited to share some big news with you today.

For the first time ever, Animal Justice has filed for leave intervene in a Supreme Court of Canada appeal so we can fight to ensure animals continue to be protected from sexual abuse.

Why are we doing this? Shockingly, the B.C. Court of Appeal recently ruled that some types of sexual abuse of animals are no longer illegal. That ruling is now being appealed to the Supreme Court, and Animal Justice is going to court so we can speak up on behalf of all the animals who have no voices of their own.

To the best of our knowledge, this appeal is the first time ever that the Supreme Court – the highest court in the land – will consider any legislation in which a nonhuman animal’s interest in being free from harmful conduct is at stake. Animal Justice is working to ensure the Court hears why vulnerable animals should be protected, and why the Court must ensure it remains illegal to use animals for sexual gratification in any way, shape, or form.

There is a lot at stake in this appeal. Without our legal arguments, the Supreme Court won’t hear about why protecting animals from abuse is a key objective of Canadian laws. And if the Court rules the wrong way, it will set a dangerous precedent, legalizing some forms of sexual abuse toward animals right across the country.

Animal Justice will do everything we can to ensure this doesn’t happen. We’ll know soon whether the Supreme Court will accept our request to intervene in the case.

We’ll let you know what happens next.