New Year’s Resolution: Get Active for Animals!

In 2022, the Animal Justice Academy (AJA) was an unstoppable force for positive change! We now have over 8,000 people enrolled in the Academy, learning how to be the most effective and enduring animal advocates possible, no matter where they are.

AJA is a free online advocacy training program, supportive community, and action collective for those trying to make a better world for animals.

We offer a self-paced animal advocacy course as well as on-going live panels and workshops with 100+ animal advocacy leaders.

In 2022, we held 30 live training sessions and panels for the AJA community, helping animal advocates expand their education, skills, and motivation to keep cultivating their work for animals. We broke a record with almost 400 people tuning in to watch our most recent live AJA online panel!

Together in 2022, AJAers did so much for animals, including:

  • Met with their MPs in a campaign to ban Canadian fur farms
  • Coordinated with students to ask their university or alma mater to increase plant-based offerings
  • Lobbied politicians to make amendments to Bill S-5, which would phase out toxicity testing on animals in Canada
  • Campaigned to encourage Netflix to feature more animal-issue films
  • Had dozens of letters to the editors published in major newspapers around the world.
  • And launched a campaign to block the federal Canadian ag gag bill from passing… again

Want to become an informed, vibrant, and effective champion for animals through political engagement, effective communication, media, diet, public outreach, resilience-building, and your own unique communities and social circles? Join us and make 2023 an even bigger year for helping animals.

Individual victories AJAers have reported an incredible number of achievements in 2022 and so very proud to have such inspiring members in the Academy. Highlights include:

  • Thanks to a complaint by Debbie, authorities found that Manitoba Pork violated federal laws for radio ads falsely claiming pork as “healthy”
  • Colette started a vegan baking business
  • Colleen has contributed to two spotlight reports published by Social Media Animal Cruelty Coalition by reviewing and reporting monkey abuse videos on social media
  • Maria created an animal welfare group to help animals in her home country of Colombia.
  • Valerie was involved in the development of a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate at the university where she works
  • In a meeting, Laura inspired her Conservative MP to send a letter to the federal Minister of Health about the problems with animal testing, and supporting Bill S-5
  • Jay got into vet school so he can work in shelter medicine
  • Wendy has been doing regular peaceful protests at Starbucks, asking them to stop charging extra for non-dairy milk
  • Ina became a board member for a national animal advocacy group
  • Seonaid has been advocating and supporting a small vegan orphanage in Uganda
  • Ardyn lobbied in their state to get the retail sale of dogs and cats in pet stores banned
  • Temara runs a sanctuary for chickens and has used her platform this year to advocate politically for more protections for chickens
  • Holli created videos to tell the stories of individual animals and inspire action on their behalf
  • Kerry organized a Sanctuary Cycle for her 60th birthday and raised $5,800 for farmed animal sanctuaries
  • Deborah’s “The Cow in the Room” video was short-listed in her firm’s “Climate Moment” competition
  • Kirsten started law school to become an animal rights lawyer
  • Cyndi integrated vegan food info in her job teaching nutrition at a pediatric psych home
  • Candice made a #HORSESHIT lawn sign to protest live horse exports at her city’s airport, and posted over a hundred information posters all around the city
  • Vaso started volunteering at a local farm animal sanctuary
  • Kristy launched her city’s first zero-waste, vegan takeout restaurant
  • Claudia talked to her course instructor about sharing animal research models and informed them of alternatives to animal testing.
  • Faye committed to doing ‘’something, big or small’’ EVERY DAY to help animals and hasn’t missed a day during 2022!

We have so much to be proud of! Join our vibrant group of changemakers and help make 2023 even bigger! Whether you’re completely new to animal advocacy or a veteran activist, vegan or omnivore, young or not so young—AJA will give you new tools, ideas, community, and momentum for making vital change for animals.