Animal Justice to Continue the Fight Against Bill 156 in Court

“Whistle-blowers have been champions of truth and justice across our province, our country and this world. They have a role which has upheld democracy, which has spoken truth to power, […]

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Ontario Passes “Ag Gag” Law to Cover Up Animal Abuse on Farms

TORONTO – National animal law organization Animal Justice is denouncing a law passed in Ontario today that will further conceal animal cruelty at farms and slaughterhouses, and interfere with lawful protests. Bill 156, […]

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Animal Justice Files False Advertising Complaint Against King Cole Ducks for Animal Cruelty Cover-Up

On February 18, 2020, shocking footage of animal cruelty emerged from inside a King Cole Ducks factory farm in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario. Animal advocates held a protest outside the farm Ontario, […]

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Ag Gag Laws: Hiding Animal Abuse by Stifling Freedom of Expression

Canadians are becoming increasingly concerned about the treatment of animals raised and slaughtered for food. More and more people are avoiding or reducing consumption of meat and other animal products, […]

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#47: Interview with New Zealand’s Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere

Happy new year! We’re excited to kick off 2020 by announcing that Paw & Order won a prestigious Best Podcast award from the Clawbies: Canadian Law Blog Awards.

In this episode, hosts Peter and Camille bring you the latest news on Bill 156, Ontario’s proposed ‘ag gag’ law, a huge win for vegans in the UK, and discuss the heartbreak of the Australia wildfires.

Then, Peter sits down with New Zealand animal law professor Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere for a fascinating interview about the state of animal law in New Zealand.

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New Ontario Bill Would Make It Illegal to Expose Animal Cruelty on Farms & Transport Trucks

TORONTO – National animal law organization Animal Justice is sounding alarm bells about new Ontario legislation that will target animal advocates who seek to expose animal abuse and neglect in […]

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