Wildlife Act, RSBC 1996, c 488

The Wildlife Act regulates the management of wildlife in British Columbia with the exception of wildlife on federal lands.

The Act authorizes the designation of wildlife management areas, critical wildlife areas and wildlife sanctuaries, and provides for the regulation of permitted activities within the designated areas. In addition, the Lieutenant Governor in Council is authorized to designate wildlife species as endangered or threatened species.

The Act also provides for the regulation of hunting, trapping, angling, as well as the import, export and sale of wildlife and wildlife parts, through the administration of licences and permits. Additionally, the Act provides authority to address the possessing, breeding, release, trafficking, shipping or transportation of alien species that are potentially hazardous to public safety or native wildlife, and gives powers to the Minister to prohibit or regulate the keeping of listed alien species, making it an offence to acquire, possess or sell them, except as authorized in regulation. Pursuant to s. 75 (1) A person who kills or wounds wildlife, other than prescribed wildlife, either by accident or for the protection of life or property, must promptly report to an officer the killing or wounding, and the location of the wildlife. A person who fails to report as required under subsection (1) commits an offence.

Associated Regulations:

Angling and Scientific Collection Regulation, BC Reg 125/90

Closed Areas Regulation, BC Reg 76/84

Controlled Alien Species Regulation, BC Reg 94/2009

Designation and Exemption Regulation, BC Reg 168/90

Hunter Safety Training Regulation, BC Reg 53/98

Hunting Licensing Regulation, BC Reg 8/99

Hunting Regulation, BC Reg 190/84

Limited Entry Hunting Regulation, BC Reg 134/93

Motor Vehicle Prohibition Regulation, BC Reg 196/99

Permit Regulation, BC Reg 253/2000

Public Access Prohibition Regulation, BC Reg 187/2003

Wildlife Act Commercial Activities Regulation, BC Reg 338/82

Wildlife Act General Regulation, BC Reg 340/82


Source: Legislation

Jurisdiction: British Columbia

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